Vigo Wax provides weeks of smooth, healthy skin. With each waxing, hair grows back less and less. Body waxing for men and women is a simple process. Waxing performed by professionals is much more comfortable than pretty much any other hair removal option – and the process is a quick one. Vigo Wax offers complete waxing from head to toe. Upper body waxing for women and men, lower body waxing, and bikini waxing helps remove unwanted hair and leave skin exfoliated and soft for weeks at a time.

Vigo Wax also specializes in men’s full body hair removal including the male Brazilian (aka the “Boyzilian”) and body hair clipping/trimming,

Vigo Wax strives to provide a completely professional service, in a secure and comfortable atmosphere, where customers can be comfortable being themselves. Everyone is welcome.

For many men and women, unwanted hair is a nuisance and sometimes evens a source of embarrassment. Until recently, hair removal has been uncomfortable, time-consuming, expensive and provided results that were inconsistent at best.